Our new arrival was Eli Montgomery. KF students have their choice of high schools. School Website School Calendar. The small classes, family atmosphere and strong academics. The children loved hearing a story about Louisiana animals and people.

What is your favorite thing about Kehoe-France? Our theme in PP-2 this week is Thanksgiving. T his week has been fun!! KF students have their choice of high schools. What comes behind a whole number?

This was a great opportunity for our kids to see how lucky we are to be Americans! To find out more visit www. With our nation having the Presidential Election this week, we continued the project and each child wrote a paragraph about their chosen president. As co-valedictorian of St. It is something he looks forward to and feels fully prepared to tackle, much like he has tackled so many other areas of his life. We now have 8 babies enrolled and attending.

kehoe france northshore homework hero

They also blew whistles to make the sound of the boats in the story. Have a great weekend!

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Max Gold is on the cusp of the next phase of his life — his college career. Z who is a zookeeper at ZigZag Zoo. You can find all of the game information on the school calendar page too.


Our theme in PP-2 this week is Thanksgiving. This was our first five paragraph paper we wrote heero the students did awesome! Email her at adieudonne kehoe-francens. School-wide tutoring is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3: Eli is eleven weeks old and so cute. They encourage you not only to do your work, but to do it well. All the children got to show off their art work they have been working on! Not together, of course! It’s well rounded with strong discipline. We learned that baby zebras have brown stripes and baby flamingos are gray and white.

Girls and Boys Basketball training has started. I love the school. Our new arrival was Eli Montgomery. School Hokework School Fance. I’m confident we will surpass 1, titles by the end of the school year.

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The children were very excited with a special visit from Mr Kyle. They are applying language skills we have learned in class and their writing is soaring! DEC 18 Exams – 2nd Quarter 5th-7th. All of the above.


PP4 are enjoying their journey northshode music through Mozart Mouse, Beethoven Bear and all of their friends. All of the paragraphs included the year they were president, the number president they were, and when and where they were born.

DEC 19 Exams – 2nd Quarter 5th-7th. Our 7th grade class had their 3 day overnight trip to Red Wolf Wilderness in Mississippi this week.

kehoe france northshore homework hero

They could really relate to the characters and were very interested. An online mock election took place in the middle school where our 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students could participate in the election process.