Time to clarify — the value of advanced practice nursing roles in health care. Robust frameworks and accreditation processes for advanced practice posts, with mandatory site preparation and development of posts to meet population and service needs, were established in Ireland [ 15 — 17 ]. It appeared to be the personal touch and feeling that postholders were accessible that many appreciated, and other healthcare professionals commented on this also:. Requirements and standards for nurse education programmes for authority to prescribe ionising radiation X-ray Dublin, Ireland: Within the non-postholding sites, there was more emphasis on information sharing rather than specific education and health promotion strategies. Doctor is just a doctor.

Advanced practice nurse outcomes — Where the AP was a Registered Nurse Prescriber, observations and documentary evidence included prescribing relevant medication. Int J Nurs Pract. With regard to differences between APs and CSs, the key findings were: Postholders CS and APs were perceived to reduce readmission rates by providing advice about symptoms, linking with General Practitioners GPs in their area, and identifying when clients needed admission before they deteriorated. Service users in receipt of health promotion advice reported improved health, reduced attendance at healthcare centres and greater confidence to self-care:.

The postholders were perceived to make a difference with regard to: If they feel that a client needs to be looked at from another literaturr, they would propose that… They work very closely with the psychiatrist, myself as well, but they would have all advvanced assessments done, all the interventions done Interview, CNM3, postholder site, CNS.

If the person required hospitalisation it would be dealt with by…the medical team with nurses on the ward and they would be treated and discharged to respective community services as soon as possible Interview, Director of Nursing, non postholder site, matched CNS. The context in which care was delivered, namely the identification of relevant structures available to support the post-holder, advancex care pathways followed by the service user and any relevant local policies were recorded in field notes.


Conclusions Despite the limitations, this study appears to show a difference between the postholders and non-postholders particularly for case management and service provision, which is consistent with the international literature [ 3461 ].

Postholders were perceived as offering more holistic care because they could manage patient care from assessment to diagnosis and from treatment to discharge.

Then the researchers three lecturers in nursing and midwifery worked together in coding the activities undertaken by the postholder and non postholder in clinical practice, which were applicable to both CSs and APs. One paper illustrated how case study design is a very appropriate methodology to use when evaluating the impact of complex roles and interventions in health care outcomes and service delivery [ 42 ].

It an audit of practice indicated rebiew they CNS are involved in the management of a client, they might have an earlier admission before the symptoms deteriorate. Experiences of the new role of advanced practice nurses in Swedish primary health care—a qualitative study. An Bord Altranais; Introduction Over the past four decades, specialist and advanced practice roles in nursing and midwifery have expanded rapidly internationally [ 12 ].

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Client commented that she felt confident in the advice she had been given and would follow through on it Fieldnote observation, postholder site, AP. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The findings must be treated with caution, as this was a qualitative exploration of roles and lacked hard data such as revie audits to corroborate all the reported differences observed in practice, or gleaned from interviews. Jackson A, Carberry M. Discussion The study findings indicate that postholders CS and APs were perceived to differ from non-postholders in relation to case management and service provision.

Managing the care pathway Multidisciplinary team-work Record-keeping Administration. This is a limitation of the observation method, as the findings can only give information about those times that clinicians were observed and do not necessarily represent usual practice. She also knew them by name and their histories.


Nursing and midwifery in Ireland: Competing interest The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Non-postholding sites With regard to non-postholder sites, it was evident that assessment was also taking place; but there was less emphasis on knowing the service user as a person, and more healthcare professionals appeared to be involved in the assessment process, which delayed diagnosis and commencement of treatment.

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The review included 69 studies and concluded that patient outcomes of care provided by NPs and CNMs in collaboration with doctors were similar to, and better in some cases than, care provided by doctors alone. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. In this study the phenomenon of interest was specialist and advanced practice.

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She advised one [patient] about need for an operation the next morning for nail bed injury, demonstrating autonomous practice. Saw 5 clients per each 2-hour observation seen. It is a limitation that where unique posts existed these could not be evaluated as the focus was on using matched comparisons.

nmbi advanced practice literature review

Ball C, Cox CL. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. All participants were given the opportunity to add further information at the conclusion of the interview. Some doctors noted that the continuity of care provided by postholders made their role easier. Open in a separate window. Postholders pracyice in collaborative decision-making as characterized by their significant autonomy in referral and treatment, and reports of multidisciplinary MDT collaborative decision-making.