See the Ethereal Wiki item on Token Ring capturing for details. This command only needs to be sent once as it is permanently stored in the printer’s memory. However, some network interfaces don’t support promiscuous mode, and some OSes might not allow interfaces to be put into promiscuous mode. This command permanently changes the Subnet Mask for the network and stores it in flash. You’re probably on a switched network, and running Ethereal on a machine that’s not sending traffic to the switch and not being sent any traffic from other machines on the switch. Select Local printer , clear the Automatically detect my printer check box, and then click.

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This command permanently stores the timeout value in flash. This method will work with any PC and any software while supporting full bi-directional communication.

The syntax of the command is: This command returns the Subnet Mask for the network in the form. Strict Source and Record Route. Choose the appropriate setting.

Please note that the printer bocq only allow one open connection at a time. A generic error condition is reported when something goes wrong like a paper jam or paper out. In the event that the item is not completed, the printer may initiate a timeout to close the port and discontinue the application see Retransmit Command Timeout. Available in versions FGL44B5 and above.


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Stop after a few seconds and make sure you see packets being captured or else you pprinter select a different interface. The example above would change the address to Although the printer can be written to across the network by this method, the data returned from the printer can’t be read back. Normally, the printer will auto-negotiate its port configuration with the network.

Please note that the printer cannot alternate between these two modes. Try changing your system so it does not create a new print job for every ticket. Select Local printerclear the Automatically detect my printer check box, and then click.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. While Boca does not support every Ethernet protocol, the printer supports a sufficient number of high level protocols to function effectively as a network printer. You’re probably on a switched network, and running Ethereal on a machine that’s not bocca traffic to the switch and not being sent boac traffic from other machines on the switch.

Works with Microsoft LPR port. Normally, network interfaces supply to the host only: The default mask is 0 0.

Click OKthen click Nextthen click Finish and wait a bit. Printer Driver Installation Guides Windows Driver Install Guide Uninstall Drivers In the event that you accidentally install the wrong driver, it may be necessary to completely remove all traces of the rpinter driver files in order to successfully install a new driver.


Sample Code

Set Device Type to Custom and click Settings. Double-click Add Printerand then click Next. Though it should never be the case, there was once an instance where two Boca Printers had the same MAC.

Click Next and then click Finish.

javascript – How to print webpage via FGL printer (Boca System) – Stack Overflow

When I use Ethereal to capture packets, why do I see only packets to and from my machine, or not see all the traffic I’m expecting to see from or to the machine I’m trying to monitor? Select No or Yes for Do you want to print a test page? It is recommended that you use the same one we do so that the captured packet data can be analyzed here. Strict source route along host – list.

Be careful to select the proper print resolutionor dpi. Generaly I have a template in HTML format where I put user informations and barcode dynamicly and that need to be printed.