All in all, the Chiligreen Platinum SE, at a price and weight of a netbook, provides for a significantly more work-friendly envir onment with fully functional input devices and a clearly arranged multimedia display. As long as the notebook isn’t really put under demand , various tasks are managed fast and the notebook can be worked with agreeably , not least also due to the more resource-sparing handling by Windows 7. The Chiligreen X7 is convincing thanks to a 9-cell battery which lasts up to 4 hours. The Chiligreen X7 is relatively quiet when not under any particular system load, for example during office or internet use. The display can score with a practical resolution and a good maximum brightness, but shows weakness in the illumination and viewing angle stability , as well. Whilst the keyboard barely bids reason for complaint, you have to get used to the touchpad , if that’s at all possible. The afore named notebooks all play in about the same league in regards to form factor and performance.

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But the situation is entirely different for so-called ‘ rugged’ notebooks ; you are supposed to be impressed by their above-average la;top at first glance. Brought to you by.

The additional value of the However, we were not entirely happy with the keyboard layoutwhich sees the Fn key pushed out to the far left edge and the angle bracket keys positioned directly to the left of the spacebar.


Already minute changes in the viewing angle can cause image deviations. Loudspeakers Both speakers can be seen when the case is opened.

Review Chiligreen X7 Outdoor-Notebook

Various manuals provide you with plenty of reading material, and there is also a waterproof carry case designed along the lines of the duffel bag. Normally despatched within 10 working days. For alternatives click here.

However, the laptop also includes the possibility of adding an integrated UMTS modem.

Review Chiligreen X7 Outdoor Notebook – Reviews

We can give the case high marks for robustness. Thus it is only protected while switched offso exercise caution when the laptop is in use. We do not recommend the Chiligreen X7 for computer gamers. The given ports cover the basic needs.

If you can come to terms with short waiting times every now and again, especially at multitaskingthe supplied hardware suffices in any case. Another advertised feature is the spill-resistant keyboardwhich according to the manufacturers can withstand ml of water, at least for a few seconds. An obvious brightness decrease to The Chiligreen Platinum SE has two sides here, as cbiligreen.

The Chiligreen Platinum SE also counts itself to this group of especially energy saving notebooksusually with an extremely flat case.

The difference between one and two core chips first become obvious in the multi-core rendering test. Chiligreen Platinum SE Notebook. Since rugged notebooks are primarily intended for outdoor use, this is rather a shame.


We are, however, at a loss to explain the glossy screen surfacewhich produces irksome reflections particularly when used outdoors.

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On the other the temperatures are very much kept in limits under normal office load. Not only does the size of the laptip incher stay slim, but the wallet is also spared from being overtaxed too much. Even longer texts should be managed without problems. Your appliance Appliance Laptop.

The Chiligreen X7 has two speakers integrated into the lid just below the screen. This has turned out very chic but can’t hide a few smaller faults in its details. That what the benchmark objectively showed unambiguously, is also subjectively felt in daily use.

Competition comes more from inexpensive business notebooks which also offer a degree of protection against vibrations and drops: To find out what cookies we use and why we use them click here. A matt display for better outdoor suitability. Touchpad Whilst the keyboard barely bids reason for complaint, you have to get used to the touchpadif that’s at all possible.

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