The controls are definitely designed for righties, and there’s no option to change the screen orientation. It has video playback capabilities, but given the tiny screen, they’re not exactly its main attraction. Features included FM radio, voice recording and Cowon’s traditional wide codec support: Cowon’s iAudio U3 Cowon audio players have long been critical favorites here at CNET, especially the iAudio U2 , which received an Editors’ Choice award for its extensive feature set, excellent sound quality, and stylish design. Although colors are a bit drab, the bright backlight makes them look more vivid than they do on the iPod nano’s comparatively dim screen. When the M3 was released there was a lot of controversy about it, because the actual unit had no display.

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Cowon iAUDIO U3 Black ( 2 GB ) Digital Media Player

It was powered by an AAA battery which allowed for a maximum playback time of up to 20 hours. The only difference between the two players was that the G3 was powered by an AA battery, allowing a playing time of up to 50 hours.

We’ve changed, we promise. Just press the record button, though you needn’t make it a long press as the instructions state; recording won’t start if you do that. Overall the U3 offers very good sound quality, though I’m not crazy about the earbuds that come with it. Coson iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, There’s also a hold switch, and a soft plastic flap covers the USB 2.


Video battery life is unspecified. With the firmware version 1.

I do wish the video played back at a higher frame rate, but as an audio player, the U3 is about as versatile as they come. As for photos, you’re limited to JPEG files–again, hot stuff but you’ll get sucked into video soon, and you’ll be begging for a bigger screen. It also offers adjustable line and mic volume, voice activation, and auto-sync for automatically breaking up tracks during line-in recording.

iAUDIO – Wikipedia

The Good Cowon’s tiny, lightweight iAudio U3 comes packed with features, including video playback, line-in recording, and scheduled FM recordings. The device used a swing-control. With all the sound options off, the included earbuds plugged in, and the volume set to a comfortable listening level, my audio battery-rundown test yielded 19 hours and 45 minutes of playback time, which is pretty good.

Setting the timer is fairly easy, though you can’t line up cwoon recordings as you can with a VCR; you’re limited to one preprogrammed recording cowin can be singular or daily.

My frequency response and distortion tests revealed that the U3’s output with the included earbuds and with EQ and sound enhancement options disabled is fairly strong in all audible registers, with slightly better-than-average bass response and a clean signal even at maximum volume. Navigation is fairly easy.

Cowon iAUDIO U3 Black ( 2 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

Most videos must therefore be converted to be played back on the U3 using the provided software from Cowon. The by pixel LCD is bright and sharp, but at 1.

The included JetAudio conversion software does a nice job of transcoding plenty of different file types for the U3, and it’s reasonably easy to use. Using my Etymotic ER-4P “audio microscopes” I didn’t hear any anomalies or glaring deficiencies in the sound; it’s well balanced, with good bass response. Best MP3 Players for Tiny flash players such as the iAudio U3 all but demand to be worn, yet Cowon doesn’t supply a neck strap, an armband, or a carrying case, though there’s a hole in the iAudio U3 for a lanyard.


The frame rate of video playback was limited to 15 frames per second. When I first turned the U3 on, I noticed that the bass sounded too strong. Views Read Edit View history.

Apart from FM radio, voice recording and line-in recordingit also featured video playback as well as photo and text viewing. Lots of audio options. That’s a great way to stock up on, for example, your favorite NPR shows for anytime listening. But the buttons along the top have changed slightly–and for the better. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Joystick can be tricky to push straight in.

This technology allowed the production of a high capacity digital audio player in a very small form factor.

We’d say that this new joystick is a tad mushier than the iAudio U2’s pinpoint control. It has a slightly larger version of the same small four-way joystick, the same line-in and headphone jacks at one end, and the same USB port at the other end.