I have a and no problems. GTX , no crashes, though I have held back on updating drivers passed Try down-clocking your card to make sure Actually last night was the first time that I was playing crashfree aside from the 3 steam disconnects at the beginning which caused my game to crash Good it’s being looked into though. Not sure it’s nVidia drivers tbh. Nope, still have not fixed the flickering shadow bug. We have the crash dump, which means we should be able to get a lot of information about what caused the issue.

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Crashes are generally easy fixes for us, as we have crash dumps and at the very least can plug the hole that caused the crash. I have had problems for a while where occasionally, my game will force geflrce for gerorce moment, when it comes back up I have full control of all stuff ingame, full audio, but no video, I am just staring at my desktop, and nothing I try gets my video back.

I didn’t have the newest driver installed during all my crashing. I’ve clocked just hours of DayZ but since yesterday when the new driver came out and I installed it because why not it made my game crash after a few seconds after connecting to a server.


A friend of mine has the same setup as me and will check his out once he gets home to see if the GTX in his is also having this problem. Ill check it out and feforce it crashes I know the fix, thanks!!

Not sure it’s nVidia drivers tbh.

Drivers | GeForce

Didn’t even realize it didn’t have an SLI profile Tried reducing Video quality and everything else although I should be able to run the game on maximum settings but still didn’t work. My is CTD because the “display adapter has stopped working” On DayZ and almost every other thing I play I also just restored my computer few days ago and it didn’t go away, but the crashes just started happening a few weeks ago or so.

Also, one crash it does, is the driver fails, and I get these matrix like checkers across a frozen screen cap of the game, and I have to close the game and reopen it to fix it. I guess I’m lucky. About times in the past 2 hours. Submit a new link.

Could you update the post eventually with the form input information so I can reinput my bug report? Had to roll back due to driver fail.

I’ve been having the same problem on my GTX So might not be the driver after all, gsforce. Pvfc-Epic Senior Member Posts: Same here, had no issue after update during 90 minute session last night.


Nvidia GeForce WHQL Released

It doesn’t work with Bluestacks like the previous driver. I might be mistaken, but if you have a memory leak, will it not lead up to a crash eventually? Want to add to the discussion? I rolled back to the previous driver of course. I have a GTX Titan.

I’m using here and got the crashes. I have a GTX and I didn’t update my drivers like you did. I have 335.32 GTXbut I’ve had crash issues since before the latest driver update. I have the I had 2 or 3 crashes last night.

Nvidia GeForce 335.23 WHQL

gfeorce Directx maybe for some other game? Has anyone had any problems like this? NO I just updated my drivers before I saw this post. The error i see is has to do with the vid driver which looks like it is corrupting something on boot and forcing a shutdown.

Thanks for updating me!