GPU Name – restricted -. The browser supports the canvas element. The lower the f-stop number, the larger the diaphragm opening is. Qualcomm Adreno RAM: The browser supports CSS transitions.

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Nokia Lumia 525 – Specifications

Marketing Name Lumia JS Web GL – restricted. The ability of the web browser to start a new SMS message when a URI is defined with the protocol sms followed by a telephone number e. 9988 device is distributed with Android OS pre-installed. CPU Cores – restricted.

Focal length Focal length is the distance in millimeters from the focal point of the image sensor to the optical center of the lens. Tablet, Mobile Phone, etc.

Computer sync OTA sync Tethering. OS Web OS – restricted. This is the year that the device was released or announced Please login to add your opinion for this property.


Screen Width – restricted. Is Tablet – restricted.

Explore our device data. EDGE – restricted.

Nokia Lumia – Specifications

The browser is Flash-Capable. Focal length is the distance in millimeters from the focal point of the pumia sensor to the optical center of the lens. The site uses cookies. Verify that a page protected with SSL is displayed properly.

Nokia Lumia (RM) Phone – What’s Inside – Electronic Products

The Number of cores in a CPU. The value in nanometers represents half the distance between elements that make up the CPU. The Property does not apply to displays that are not rectangular or square. JS Indexeddb – lumiq.

Device Data

The battery type is determined by its structure and more specifically, by the chemicals used in it. CSS Transitions – restricted. Presently, besides single-core processors, there are dual-core, quad-core, hexa-core and so on multi-core processors. Please choose or enter an opinion value.


The browser supports CSS columns. NFC – restricted. User may touch the screen to interact with the device. The model name of 9998 device, browser or some other component e. AAC – restricted. Qualcomm AdrenoCores: User-Agent examples Please login to view the User-Agent strings for this device only available for commercial license holders.

Optimization Learn how customers are experiencing your content. OS Windows RT – restricted. Reporting Source Reporting Value.